Lahore Presidents

Member Name Position Area
Nasurullah Chaudri Provincial President OPEP Punjab
Professor Zeenat Afaq Provincial President OPEP R& D Council Punjab
Mohsin Hashmi Provincial President,Training Council OPEP Punjab
Farwa Ali Vice -President women wing Lahore
Mamoona Amin President ,Teaching Wing Lahore
Professor Maryam President Professor’s Wing ,Women Division Lahore
 Nuzhat Fatima  Central President Training Council OPEP Lahore

Our Members

Mohsin Hashmi

I believe when people who are funded with wisdom of experience gather at one place, their scrutinized efforts make large distances look small, their calculated approach make meager investments look endless piles, their sieved sincerities enable binding among people from varied origins and intellectual togetherness become their only respite and source of ultimate satisfaction. I wish all my team mates a great year ahead.